Driving a van without insurance in the UK

It is illegal to drive a van that is not protected by a van insurance policy. Insurance is mandatory because there’s a possibility that you may injure or cause damage to any other person, vehicle, animal or property.

However, there is an exception to this rule. You do not need to insure your van if it is kept off the road and declared as off the road (Statutory Off Road Notification).

If you get caught driving without any insurance, you expose yourself to sanctions. You could get a £300 fine and 6 penalty points. If the case goes to court, you could get up to a maximum £5,000 fine as well as your disqualification from driving.

Differences between van and standard car policies?

Standard car policies are the same as van policies for the most part. When subscribing for a van policy, you will be asked the same questions as for a car policy application. It includes questions about the mileage and the type of usage.

However, a few additional questions may be asked about whether you will be carrying hazardous materials or whether the van has a signage.

Other than this, it is the same. Questions will be asked about the details of the vehicle, which includes the size, weight and payload, along with the usual factors: value, power and cost of repairs.